Farmersville city council sets commercial cannabis application rate, says personal marijuana growth requires permit

By Paul Myers
Farmersville, Calif. – The City of Farmersville is making some headway when it comes to commercial and personal cannabis. Last week they set their cultivation tax rate and this week they held a special meeting to determine how much commercial cannabis business applications should be.

During the Monday, Dec. 11 meeting, the council decided to contract with Hinderliter de Lamas and Associates (HDL) to create and manage the City’s commercial cannabis policies, procedures and schedules. As a result they will be processing commercial cannabis business applications and then billing the City. According to mayor Paul Boyer the City intends to charge cultivators the cost of application plus 25% to recoup administrative overhead.

Because each application is different and requires different amounts of time to process Boyer was not sure how much the cost of each application would be. But that was not the only thing the Council decided last Wednesday.

Proposition 64 passed last November allowed for personal marijuana use for adults that were 21 years or older. It also allowed residents to grow up to six plants at home. But there is also a lot of local leeway in terms of how they want to govern cannabis. Boyer said that residents are not allowed to grow marijuana outside in Farmersville forcing them to grow it inside if they are going to grow it at all.
Now residents will have to obtain a City issued permit and inspection if they are going to grow marijuana inside. The mayor added the permit is meant to ensure that electrical component and lighting are up to code and that there is not any mold where they are growing it.
“We basically want to check that for wherever this is done there isn’t a health or safety issue there,” Boyer added.