Visalia SOUP seeks proposals to pour over

Visalia Chamber event is looking to stir up the best ideas that will positively impact Visalia


VISALIA – In order to take a business from its infancy to maturity, it has to be nourished with interest, cradled by commitment, and fed with funding. And before it can take off on its own, it needs a little spoon feeding to get it going.

That’s where Visalia SOUP comes in.

Visalia SOUP supports Visalia’s best ideas to make the community better but asking fellow community members to support it through crowdfunding. The Visalia Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Visalia Convention Center, Fresno Pacific University – Visalia Campus and Cross City Church is now accepting proposals for the 3rd Visalia SOUP event to be held on April 11, 2018. Visalia SOUP raises money, builds community support and connects local resources to help entrepreneurs carry out their ventures.

The only criteria for submitting a proposal for Visalia SOUP is that it must simply impact Visalia positively. Past proposals have included; a healthy vending machine business, a high school student launching a lipstick business, raising money to purchase duffle bags for foster children, creating martial arts classes for autistic students and more. Proposals do not have to be a product or a business. Proposal may include community projects like raising money to get new equipment for a park, painting a dilapidated building, or teaching people how to start a garden. Proposals for SOUP can be submitted at The deadline to submit a proposal is Monday, March 19, 2018.

Visalia SOUP is a simple idea. Four individuals or groups will pitch ideas to a room full of people. Each idea has been vetted by a committee who selects presentations based on the positive impact the proposal will have on Visalia. Each presentation will last four minutes, and then the audience may ask up to four questions. After the presentations are made, attendees enjoy a delicious bowl of soup while they discuss the ideas, and then vote for their favorite. When the votes are counted the winner will be presented with a pot of money that is raised by donations at the door. Winners of Visalia SOUP can use the money raised to support their project, additionally they gain valuable business contacts and resources from those in attendance.

Visalia SOUP will be held on April 11, 2018 at ImagineU Interactive Children’s Museum located at 210 N. Tipton St. For more event details and proposal requirements go to: or call the Visalia Chamber of Commerce at 559-734-5876.

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