PT 432: “The Jan. 6 hearings are as long as Zak Snyder’s Justice League”

Paul and Reggie drop new prices for an annual subscription to The Sun-Gazette going from $35/year to a whopping $50/year or $4.99/month starting on July 1.

Then they talk about the efficacy of the January 6 Congressional Hearings and where they hope former President Trump lands after the Justice Department decides to investigate. Locally they talk about where key races stand two weeks after the June 7 primary, in particular the Tulare County District 4 Board Supervisor race and the 22nd Congressional Race for David Valadao and Rudy Salas (8:20); Lastly they talk about an AP story that got it all wrong when they investigated California’s efforts to buy water rights to meet their own water conservation needs (20:00).