Paper Trail

Paper Trail is brought to you by Paul Myers and Reggie Ellis who are Editor and Publisher of the Sun-Gazette newspaper. We realize that news can be a minefield but it can be pretty exciting if you know what to listen for and where to look. So flip through our episodes and pick up the news with us.


As journalists, we understand how good journalism can be overlooked in a world drowned out by fake news, wannabe journalists and talking heads raking in piles of cash selling half truths or outright lies. But Paper Trail takes good journalism and publishes it where listeners can download and listen up from anywhere.

What to Expect

Each week on Paper Trail Paul and Reggie give an honest assessment of a piece of news going on out in the world. Together we welcome guests for insider perspectives, give our thoughts on the industry and talk about one thing that we uncovered, or didn't make it into our newspaper, that week.

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